So it's been very fun since I got my hair cut as shorty short.
Being honest to you all, I wanted it so long, I just didn't have that "it's your hair, do whatever you want" kinda guts. But that's all changed when I get married. You know or you don't know, but we, as wives, should be ready whenever they (hubbies) want!

They (boys!) don't give a damn about that "I am sorry, but I just washed my hair this evening so I don't have to wash it until the next day, babe" kind of reasons. All they give a damn is just "so just re-wash your hair tomorrow morning, sweetie!". Oh. All I could say is "oh".

It takes time to wash long hair, it takes more to dry it! And I don't typically dry my hair with hairdryer. I hate to do that. So I started to think, "okay, just keep it short and simple". In other words, make a fun time washing your hair. Okay, let's get short.

And oh, I began to grumble, where do I have to cut my long hair??? I am not a customer of any salon. I am not a salon person. Been searching for an affordable and reasonable salon, so I decided to go to Rudy Hadisuwarno Salon at PIM. Too bad, they were just taking a last order at 8 pm and I reached PIM at 8.02 too bad. Next day, I went to Pejaten Village and found Rudy Hadisuwarno there! No words, just put my name on the list, and here I go!

taken by cekung
And here's my reference :

Overall, it was a great cut! I forgot the name of the hairstylist. Pardon. I love how he get it exactly like I show in the picture. I love how he did it quick but very details. If both pictures looks no similar for you, it's because I put too much wax on the right side so it doesn't look light like the below one. How about the price? Oh they got my hair cut, they cut my money too. It cost about 200k just for the cut, and I gave a 50k tips for my own satisfaction. For a not salon person like me, I could DIE.

But this cut really frustrating me. It gets long too soon. So I make another cut. Actually, I really wanna go back to RH. But I was at KoKas that time, so I decided to give a try to Johnny Andrean. Frankly, I hate this salon. I don't know. Last year I go to this salon (at everywhere), they always give me a "that's it?" expression after the cut's done. But I don't know, I just believe it's cheaper than the previous one. Haha. Yeah, because I have to go salon twice in only 2 months! Sucks for me. Not for you. I'd rather go eat sushi till drop than going to salon and having an awkward conversation with the hairstylist. I found myself really uncomfy at every salon with every hairstylist. Poor me.

Okay, enough. Sorry. So I have another preference, let's take a look :

cool isn't it! the cut was cool and it's just fit her!
Then take a look at mine.

Pardon for the picture if it hurts your eyes.
Ah guess I give you a clearer picture right.

The cut was a bit less great than the first one, I think. I don't know maybe because it doesn't fit me well or something. I just feel less. But what I like about this cut is how the hairstylist made it asymmetric look, in fact it doesn't! Yess, I can split it to the right side or the left side, I can split it whenever I want! As I guessed, it costs around 115K for the cut, and the change for the tips. Hehe but this pixie cut really makes me feel it should always been a good time washing my hair. It takes less time, less shampoo, less effort to get it dry!

I already got a pixie cut kind of things long time ago. And did it once again today. Everytime I see  a bunch of girls with long wavy hair, either they're all black or colored, I see them pretty like princess. Or when I see a girl with messy long hair and looks like rebel, I love it. But it's always work to steal my attention when you got the shortest hair along those bunch. Or when I see you reading book alone with a messy pixie style. They always got my eyes on them. I love to see a senior in my workplace, a mother of two, a hard worker, with a simple haircut. I've always been adoring that "can I speak to the manager?" haircut. Haha. So it's good to be back.

I really want to get may hair colored though, but I don't think Mom's gonna love it. She doesn't love my shorty hair too. She terribly hates it. Oh, Mom. And I guess many of you think I just made a bad decision, that's alright. I'm on fire :)

I'm still crazy in love with this pixie cut I don't know for how long. There's still some pixie cuts I'm dying to try, so I'm gonna share you later.

Okay, let me see your guts now! :D


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