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Feeling weird when a friend says "I want that one, the orange!"?
Feeling upset when s/he asked "Orange?Are you sure?It doesn't fit on your color skin" or "I think you better choose the soft one like peach?" or "Just pick the white or the black one, that's what you can combine with any other color you have"?

I'm feeling ENOUGH.
Orange has been my fav color since I-don't-remember-exactly-when.

And you can say "what's the point of this girl posting ORANGE is a NEW BLACK"?

For you, ORANGE - HATERS or ORANGE - DOUBTER, you better check what this might change your perspective about orange!

Orange doesn't fit in black skin? Sure?
Beyonce made it! TWICE!

Make it short or make it long, just HAVE IT ON YOUR WAY!

Hurt people eyes on workplace? I don't think so!

Skirt or Long Pants for Work and for Fun for Sure!

Only good if combined with black? Go check them out!

Kim? Kate? Posh? Kerr? Selena? Rihanna!

Blouse? Blazer?

Okay, now how about ORANGE LIPSTICK??? Mention who's not wearing it!

Oh and I'm so dying to have this Hayley Paramore Collection : SOUNDS LIKE NOISE from MAC!



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