I had a friend.
A very funny one.
A friend that maybe I wouldn't have again.
Her name is Friska Situmorang.
I really like her, as a friend.
She really got that sense of humor that would brighten up the bad situation.
I knew her when I was in Aston.

I still remember it clearly when we talked about our favorite things and about what we really wanna be someday.
She said I got that thing, that ability to speaking in front of public.
She said all I need was confidence.
Therefor, we planned to Tantowi Yahya Public Speaking School.
Poor we had, the fee was freaking awful.

We almost had great times until something bad happened.
Yeah I screwed up.
I'm not going to tell you what happened, all I can say that was pretty painful for her. For me, too.
That was all my fault. But I've felt sorry for her, and tried to convince her I wouldn't do that damn thing.
But, she decided to act strangely to me.
So I started to accept that as my punishment, and the end story of this friendship.
All that matter is I have said deeply sorry and meant it.
It was her who's leaving.

Friska, I hope you're doing well.
I miss Samantha and Julian. I guess they're bigger now.


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