How happy I am, to have this book, to buy this book with my cekung, and be inspired with a friend named Jogi!

Couple days ago, we visited Bagus & Jogi and had a quality time about love, life, career, books, quotes, marriage and healthiness (is important!)
Four of us. In the middle of the night. Haha.
I'm about to believe that midnight talk is kinda guilty pleasure.

Okay, you see I named this post with "NORMAL is BORING".
Actually this is a book. An interesting book.
A guide book.
A creative book.
A quite expensive book that you can finish it only in an hour!

But a book is something beneficial if you really get the essence.
I am no such a girl who loves to read or buy books.
But I do really like something that inspiring. That motivating.
And Jogi has led me to this book.
In this condition when I have no much money, I just believe that buy this book is no money wasted.
I believe that this book could help me to be more positive. And more creative.
And this one really works!

Not just claiming this book for those who work their ass off to be as creative as hell, the author makes us think creative first with allowing us to give this book a tittle with our pleasure!
So me and my cekung named it "GET MARRIED & TRAVELING" haha you can say this is absolutely not creative but believe me, thinking about getting married first then traveling is the most creative thoughts we got at this moment!
Traveling is not about where you go right? It's about with whom you go.
And the most fascinating trip is go with the one you love!

Thank you Jogi for recommended this book to me, and you really made me bought this.
Happy reading everyone!


  1. woow....i love your book tittle, get married and travelling :)

  2. Haiiii mba ira....senangnya dikunjungi langsung sama author nya.
    yess mba,thank you for making us think that creative is simple and easy!



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