Being job-less can cause so many things.
It's even more impact on your bed time.
And I don't know why I feel more productive and creative and inspired at night.
I know it's bad.
Yeah, coffee seems to be the only one who understand me currently.

I've been waiting for night to come so I could make love through blogging.
Blogging comes out to be the right thing to do when you are about to say many things and no one seems interested in your story.
I am not going to complain about life, readers.
I feel enough to say that I am blessed and grateful for who I am now and what I have now.
I do not have a job, but it means nothing when I got books to be read, movies to be watched, songs to be listened, or dreams to be dreamed.
I got someone to be hugged too, fellas.

I really enjoy time likes this.
Blog, me, music and coffee.
Ah I got nothing to be shared tonight, it's just me and my insomnia which I hope kills me to bed.


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