I have dreams.

Dream of love.
I wanna marry him when we are ready. A year or two it doesn't really matter.
I just wanna marry him in a very romantic situations.
I wanna marry him and having children.
I wanna grow up with our children with our own way.
Grow up with love, with motivation, with inspiration, with ideas, with music, with art, with discussion, with positive things, also with dreams.

Dream of career.
I wanna be..........not a career woman because it sounds so pathetic that you live your own life by working so hard. I wanna be a smart career woman.
I wanna be someone in a really good level of a big company.
I wanna be a good leader. I wanna be a motivator.
I wanna be a public speaker.

Dream of places.
I wanna be wherever places I see on the internet!
I wanna be in Mekkah, Scotland, Edinburgh, New Zealand, Paris, Barcelona, Brazil, Dubai I wanna be everywhere!

Dream of stuffs!
I'm dying to get those stuffs!
Every stuff I touch!Will be mine someday!Hahaha!

Dream of giving.
I wanna give to those who need it.
To those who never had what I had.
To those who have dreams and dying to reach them.

But, the real good dream is...
only when I see my parents smiling.

Amien ya Rabb.


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