Another Last Day is Just Another Day

After many days of grappling with my own thought,
here I go for a hundred times quit and (still) can say it out loud that I AM HAPPY TO BE GONE.
Please don't get me wrong everyone.
Take time with me, enjoy my stories and you'll end up saying "Yes, I understand".

If you think it's easy to be a job seeker, apply, and officially accepted, you're totally wrong.
It took time, energy, and a maximum effort.
Beyond all that, It's God will.

Well well well.
Prolog is enough.
I just want to post about my office mates during my times here.

He's maybe the only man who works at hospitality and keep being a "real Moslem"
He is a vocalist (of The Magnescene), a guitarist, a graphic designer, and a real good friend.
Good luck buddy for your passion in music. Go for it.

Oooh she's a real rebel. Still smiling and laughing when you just yelled at by your boss?
Ask her how she's actually do it good.


She's the youngest. She loves to sing, especially "dangdut", she loves to tell stories about her boyfriend, she loves dimsum oh no I should have said, she loves to eat. She eats everything. She's bit childish, lose control sometimes but we love to make a fun of everyone.Haha

She got twin!Her name is Sheni, such a cute! Mmmh I think she is younger than Ria. What I really love about her is, she always eat up my lunch or any kind of food that I don't like!
She reminds me of Wuri.

I love you fellas.
And Good Bye.


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