Mami & Ayah

Have been raised in a pretty stodgy family has its own ad and disadvantage.
One day,mom asked me, "Dek, bro itu apa sih?"
I suddenly answered "itu tuh kata sapaan, kayak guys gitu." (continued watching Opera Van Java)
She asked (again), "Kalo guys itu apaan dek?"
I suddenly stopped watching and said, "oke, bro itu kayak cuy. misalnya cuy, mo kemane lu??" (see, i got that skill!the interpersonal communication one. we have to be in the same level to minimize all the possibilities that miss-understanding can be happened)
She noded. i continued my life in peace.

(days gone by,
unintentionally, I found out that mom and dad had a short chat in text messages.
Mom texted, "Bro, jangan lupa bawain baju ya yang digantungan". (sighing)
Dad replied, "Oke bro, mau dibawain apa lagi?". (Guys, come on...)


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