you hurt me, Sir.

I was shocked.
I was screwed up.
I was fucked up.
I was fed up.
Because of you, Sir.

I mean it, you didn't have to do that.
you disrespect me.
worse than I could ever imagine.
I lost all my respect in you, Sir.
you hurt me.
a lot more than you could ever imagine.

seriously, after all these times you talked about how mad you were when
they started to underestimate you, you did this to me?
the same thing they did that to you?

have you lost your mind?
you should think twice before you speak.
and you should think thousand times before you act.

you made me, Sir.
you dragged my spirit down.
I admit it, that I am wrong.
that I am lack of it.
but, what you did is totally wrong.

I am still thank to you for all the things that you've done.
because of it, I learn something good about it.

I'm gonna change.
I'm gonna show you the power in me.
and you're gonna sorry, for ever did this to me.


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