BALI on March 2012

Sweet Escape in Bali.

Hey, I'm missing those days. In Bali. With you.

Day 1.
Padang-Padang beach.

Uluwatu. Tari Kecak is definitely a MUST.


Woops, there's no photos :D

Day 2.
It was raining pretty heavy started in the morning until night.
Water sport at Nusa Dua.

Woops, there's no photos either :D

Blue Point

Oh, the tide was high at the moment, so we were not be able to capture a good view like other said that Blue Point such a great private beach, especially for surfer freak.

Legian street-night-walker.

Day 3.
Dream Land.

On a Jet Plane. Way back home.

Bali oh Bali.
Until we meet again.
With whom, I do not know.


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