here comes the day I'm not ready for....leaving.

as long as I could remember, that was the third times I wrote my resignation letter.
while I were making it, it was simply easy, when I gave it to my manager, it was simply hard to tell, but when my time came, I was totally crumbled down.

did you remember my post when I got accepted in PT Nutrifood Indonesia? did you remember how happy I was? time goes fast dear, been a year 3 months is already written on my journal life a long ago.

I'm so sorry for not saying goodbye to some friends in there...
keep up the good work everyone!

certainly will miss that moment with ALL OF YOU!!!
and of course the "panel", organic veggie, the room, the interior design, the ambiance, the brands, and the free products!!!

keep inspiring a nutritious life!!!!!

(I'm sorry there's typo here, I should change the 21th and 23th in to 21st and 23rd)


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