That day was my greatest day!
That day was my greatest day!

I can't only tell you just one time!

have been waiting from March to August, finally they came!
they made it!so i made it too!
So we got there at 5 pm and the lines was pretty long enough that really hurt my eyes.ha ha.
see this.

it was yellow me waiting in the line.

about 6.30 pm we could get it in to the venue.
me and cekung bought a very big size hotdog and french fries for breakfasting.
had an experience when I go to 30 Seconds to Mars concert at Java Rockin Land few weeks ago, we decided to stood up not too closer from the stage.
Hell yeah i got my leg short so it was hard (again) if during the show all I can see is just someone's back. Damn.

So we stood at the middle of the crowd (festival A) , still, all I saw is someone's back (again).
But it's okay, my bf always willing to lend his feet to be trampled by mine. *uh I'm screaming I love you so!*
So I relied to two giant screens up there to see Hayley's moving that so damn cute yet cool!!
She's an energetic, attractive and awesome chick.kewl!you rawk!

We could only shot these.

Hayley wore a sleeveless black shirt and B/W pants that oh so I wanna have one!

so you can see the waterfall here and everyone's screaming. that was beautiful.

So here's the setlist. about 18 songs they played and Hayley do the headbanging which so Hayley for most of it.

Feeling Sorry
That’s What You Get
For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
Playing God
When It Rains
Where the Lines Overlap
Misguided Ghosts
Crush crush crush
Here We Go Again
Looking Up
The Only Exception

Brick By Boring Brick
Misery Business

you can check some of Hayley's pics here.

This is what Hayley said that nite and I quote :

"Welcome to our family, once you're in, U can never get out.
If you're trying, we're gonna trace you down all the way to your grandma"

She always said :
"Tell to all your friends who're not coming here tonight,
that they are.......messing down"

Here we are after the Rock Show.

The sweetest moment is when they played "Only Exception" and we were all singing along, I looked at my bf eyes and sing "oh darling you are....the only exception oh you are....the only exception..." me suddenly sad and wanted to cry. :(


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