Hey Dad - My Unfinished Work

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you. As always.

Hey Dad - My Unfinished Work

Hey Dad, are you okay?

Are you healthy enough to work everyday?

Waking up too early, have a cold body wash.

Wearing uniform you prepared the night before.

Hey Dad, when I was tiny, you brought me everywhere.

You introduced me as your little girl and your friends said that I was pretty.

Then you tote me. You kissed my cheek.

Hey Dad, I still remember how strong you were.

Tall, brawny, tight skin, dashing.

I see you today. I realized you’re getting older.

You’re getting weak.

Your skin unlike it used to be when I was still too young.

You are now easy wearying.

Hey Dad, but my love for you become bigger and bigger and bigger.

Dad, I love you.

Hey Dad, do you remember when you punished me because I did something bad?

I thought you were a bad person. Bad anger.

Now Dad, I know why you did this to me.

Because you love me right?

PS : I'm sorry for this unfinished work, but Dad, my love for you is endlessly.


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