Java Rockin' Land 2011

I am not ROCKER. or a girl who likes jumping up and down in the middle of the crowd or sing along with so many people. or let's say I'm not a kinda the one who's keep trying to get a fresh air when I already exhausted!

but all I can say now is, I CAN BE THAT GIRL or everything it takes to see my favorite band live in concert. HELL YEAH I'm talking about 30 Seconds To Mars on Java Rockin' Land !!!!

Anyway thanks to Billy Banggawan whom I got the tickets from! I mean, we bought it from him!Thanks Bil, seriously I still can feel the euphoria afterwards until now!!!! The show had been late for almost 2 hours!yess, it sucks at the beginning but then it was paid back well when they came and Jared Leto start sang "A beautiful lie" and "Attack" as an opening songs!!!!
believe me, Jared Leto is so HOT!!!! He wore a blue jacket and a eyeglasses that perfectly match from head to toe!!!!

So I grabbed these photos from an online news site because unfortunately cekung's camera had to be formatted so all the photos that we took, all the videos that we recorded were GONE.

grabbed from 30 STM official site

this photo is grabbed from here

3 above grabbed from here

Though I barely unconscious that nite so we had to back off about 4 til' 5 times from our first position, but I was okay, coz the show was great!and I didn't even want to missed it!even just for a blink..... :D those three guys were amazingly perky!!!!

it's just can't wait for them to make a solo concert in Jakarta!
I love you, Jared, Shannon, and Tomo!!!!

if you got a taste like me, you won't be sorry for make a room to listen this album.

PS : Thank you very much for taking care of me during the show, honey!


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