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Dear readers,
*sounds like i am completely have loyal visitors who enjoy my postings, frankly i'm not

I was having a bad bad day at Dec, 10th.
my boyfriend actually.
since we're having our break time to diving deeply in our own thoughts after what happened in a day before, we decided to give each other space for not communicate, interact, or something like that.
but we had a short chat at 11 in the morning.
I was saying to him to be optimistic, and i was saying that i was so sorry for yelling at him at the groceries store.
though i still do the defense and keep saying it was me in joke and i am sorry for losing control of my volume.damn, I tell you the whole story.

skip for that one, I'll continue to where it begins.
I was bbm-ing with a friend till he told me something shocked me.
I was suddenly cry, not the same way with Justin Timberlake says cry me a river.
it's just...i can't....i have no tissue for wiping my tears.

Cekung is losing his BB.

I know him well, he wouldn't be so stupid.
he is way better than me in keeping his stuffs.
the worst would be next when i couldn't reach him in many ways.
he wasn't at home, that's what Happy said to me.

So i decided to get back home as soon as i can, then go to his house to calm him down.
Oh God, what you will read next will be so tragic.
He lost BB, his wallet, and Yellow Bee *his Piaggio* just hit few hours ago before he lost it all.
And yess, his father lost his Iphone too.
it's so tragic isn't it?

when i met him that nite, i keep saying sorry for not being there for him.
after lost that much, he is amazingly says he was pretty okay.
damn-god I love this man!!!!!

I will give you my prayer every day and every night honey..
everything will be just fine.all fine.
can I just hug you coz i won't ever let you go.
not for a day, not for a fucking break-reason, not for anything.
I love you....
God won't close the door without opening another one.


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