Woman Spirit

(fully dedicated to Verny Dwi Putri)

I can’t (stop) believe, that man could be the only reason to break our worlds.
I can’t (stop) believe, that man can destroy us with a single painful word.
I can’t (stop) cry, when they really did.

It’s a pain. It’s a joy.
It’s a gift. It’s a treason.
It’s something they give to us.
It’s something they take from us.

Mom said, don’t fall to deep.
Dad said, don’t give a hundred percent faith.
Friends said, don’t you forget about us.
He said, I love you and you are my world.

Love is something you can’t buy.
But love should not be something that can buy you.
Or any of your happiness.
Or any of your friends.

I should’ve known, that a good man is not enough to be a well known.
Nice hair cut and great skin, well I don’t know he does that mean.
Your words and the way you treat me, is so uninspired.
Thank God i've been saved by You.

It takes us higher till we feel as if we could reach the sky.
It takes us lower till we feel as if our feet can touch the bottom of the ocean.
It brings us to the world of dreams where sweet dream seems so obvious.
It brings us to the world of reality where love seems so exist.

But when you hit the ground, and when your tears are drown.
That’s time for you to stand up and put a little make up.
Even it’s too far, and you have got that scar.
Put a smile and wear it well coz he just got the ticket to the hell.


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