suddenly i miss the times when i shared laughs with my cekung.
and skyping can be so helpful.
yeah it helps a lot.
although my el-black got a seriuos trouble with the speaker, but we can still enjoy it without talking.
Kind of like two mutes people are cupcaking.

well,so i wanna share another story (trust me, there would be another millions same stories) about my cekung, and his dumbness.
in order to re-design my layout blog, i need him to give a quote to be put on the right side.
since we can't talk to other, so we did a chat on YM.
here is the dumbness....

cio anak baik : "kung ayooo doonk aku minta quotes kamu.."

cekung anak galak: "klo kura kura bs mengalahkan kelinci knp kamu tidak bs?" (kriiiik...kriiik..)

cio anak baik : "appaaaaaannn seeeeh kuuuung????jadi aku ngalahin kelinci??????"

cekung anak galak: "gini2...keren nih..."

(after few seconds)

cio anak baik: "MANAAAA???"

(minutes go by)

cekung anak galak: "putussss....." (waelaaahh...ketebak banget)

cio anak baik: "ah kamu gak bisa diandelin"

cekung anak galak: "haha..tar aja deh.aku klo disuruh mikir ga keluar.tunggu klo da mo ee.biasa nya aku keluar ide2 nya.ide2 filosofis kan keluar klo lg ee."

cio anak baik: "keluar ide-ide nya atau keluar ee nya?????" (penasaran beneran)

cekung anak galak: "dua2 nya!!!" (*terperanjat!)

cio anak baik: "rombongan keluarnya??????" (tipikal orang dengan rasa ingin tahu berlebih tapi gak pada tempatnya)

I'm giving up.
I don't think he could be seen on the right side shortly.


  1. wkakwawkkwawk!!!!!!
    untung pas lg muka aku ga kelar di skype na...

    mbung kamu again memberitaukan org dsana bahwa pacar kamu kapasitas otak na dikit!!!

    seneng lu ya klo gw di kelarin...
    btw KIK!!

  2. though you play the violin doesn't mean you are smart.

  3. iyah,, ga bikin muka pacar mu itu terlihat lebih menawan dengan berpose dengan biola seperti itu,, hahahha



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