Resignation Letter

Have you ever been?
I have been there and done that.
Have you ever felt so relief?
I felt it as I finished my resignation letter.

Making it is such a nightmare.
All your dreams just broke in pieces.
All you have ever dream about waking up in the early morning,
Sing along while you were walking down the street,
Do a little jump to the left and right as your feet move on the bridge,
Finally say morning to everyone all over the room.

All you got to do is let your eyes wide open.
Dreams are dreams until you wake up.
I remember it clearly, I looked around.
If only I could put a flame in the center of the room.
I would be the one who dance around the fire.
Oh God, it would be so good to do that move.

I looked outside the window.
Begin to type my resignation letter.
It’s only one page. It’s simple. But you know what, it’s my key, to get back my happiness.
Oh my resignation letter, you take all my pain away.
You wipe my tears away.

The greatest moment of all is when you walk out the door,
Look highly back to the building.
Feel the freedom.
And welcoming back the happiness.
Whisper to the air, “God, I am ready for the journey that is written for me”.


  1. hahaha...
    bagus lah kamu jgn nyesel..

    perjalanan kamu msh panjang dan pintar2 lah memilih jalan untuk mencapai tujuan kamu..

  2. ciiaaayooo ciiooo :)
    walopun gw ga pernah buat beginian,,, yah semoga kamu dapet jalan yg lebih baik :)

  3. @cekung: roger that captain!!!!!

    @shinta: amien. makasih ya shin....



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