maybe he was right

Have you heard name of YORIS SEBASTIAN lately?
I have.this morning.on the radio.on PRAMBORS FM.
He'd been interviewed by cici panda about his launching book.

Speaking about books,i am kind of love reading books.
Particularly, books which based on true stories.
But, there's always but, i found myself hating buy books.
It's just like, well i can borrow them from some friends, or yess i don't really wanna know.just know the book is exist, it's such an enough.

Forget about me, forget me hating buy books, forget about the books,i just want to repeat what Yoris said on the radio.

He said :
"Being Different is Not Enough. You have to be meaningful".
he continued...
"Use your privilege of being young".

Hmm...maybe he was right.
Maybe being different is not enough.
You gotta keep it positively.
And yess, we are young. and we have so many privileges.
Do what kids can't do.Do what an old man can't do.


  1. haduh tangan siapa itu kena crop,, hehhehe
    anyway, gw juga udah dateng seminarnya di vaseline day care gt di pasific place,, emang yoris engga ada matinya,, kamu coba liat blognya deh,,,
    dari cara dia bicara itu memotivasi bangett,,,
    setuju lah pokonya

  2. oh ya???
    iya aja ampe terpaku.
    gw baru menyadari kalau bukan cuma pemegang kartu kredit platinum doank yang punya priveleges.
    kita, youth generation juga gak kalah!!!

  3. mang dasar kamu pelit mbung..
    jgn kan buku, aku aja klo kelaperan ga kamu pinjemin duit..


  4. waaaahhh......jangan dibahas lageee kaleee mah itu kung....malu ma tetangga!!!

  5. iyaaahh,, kembali lagi terjadi per-cek-cok-an dalam rumah tangga "istimewa" ini,, hahha



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