KARATE KID so remarkable!!

All i gotta say is...watch it.

So you can see the legend (Jackie Chan) and the next big thing (Jaden Smith) bring you to a very good thing.
Action and comedy are main things that the movie offered.
The rest of it, how Jaden Smith is growing up fastly than you'd seen in The Pursuit of Happiness, and you can see that skinny body got muscle here and there.
And Jackie Chan, he is obviously hardly forgotten.

pick it up. hang it up. put it on. put it off. put it down. pick it up.

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  1. mau aku beliin bebs??

  2. @anonim:kaukah itu kung?mau sekoooliiii....i'll watch it thousand times.cross my heart.

    @cebol:you have too.bol, udah pernah denger bruno mars feat BOB yang nothing on you?you gotta be like it.

  3. iya that is me hon...
    aku ol di hp, males sign in akun jd pake anonim deh...



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