i told you, i'm not a JOB SEEKER. i am a JOB HUNTER. (I do not seek, i DO HUNT)

Eventually, after walked over about 5 phases within these 3 weeks, i got this job.

Me happy!

Yeah i got this job. Back and forth Depok - Pulo Gadung route actually quite makes me overwhelmed.But that would be another story if i am employed in the end.
And here i am. becoming part of them starting about June 21st 2010.
So i got two weeks more to relax, enjoy the plenty of times, have fun, meet up with fellas, party, whoopee!!!

Well so I'd like to share those 5 phases i mentioned above.
This story was begun in May, i forgot the date when i complied Job Fair in Trisakti which is not my alma mater. about a week i got a phone call from this company and i was notified that i had passed the administration selection and i was invited to follow the next phase which is psychological test in May 18th.

So i came and there were about 40 people.afterwards, me and another 9 people in the room were avowed pass and can continue to the next phase. it's on the same day.

Shortly afterwards, seriously! when i was on my way home i got a phone call again, and i was told by the HR staff that company had set up the time so i could go on and meet up the user.

That was Friday. That was May 21st. That was my Big Day. Yess, that was my Birthday!!!
I believed in a big day there's always come a big thing together with.
And the interview gone pretty well.I'd been interviewed by 3 people.And all women.

(13 days without a call)

June, 3rd. I was enjoying my dream that morn while my phone rang.It was 8.13 am!!!
Whoever called me they must be not know anything about jobless' habit!
Well,i did act.i picked up the phone with my authoritative voice indeed.
and hell yess, i got another call by the company.

So i thought that the stages are over.Surely, it has not yet.
The next morning, i came again to follow the PAULI TEST and another one i totally forgot the name.the test intended to measure off my capability in rapidity and accuracy in carrying on my job desc.i was with another applicant.and the result is quite good.for me.so i go on to next level.

I met up with the head of marketing communication of the company.
And for first time during the stages i was so twitchy!!a bit groggy i think.
because i knew that it would be my last phase to be settled as an employee or not.

and here i am. here day is.
forget about salary, actually my salary is good enough.I feel comfy.
But since i went there, i've fallen in love with the interior!!
here is some pics i can share.

Platinum Room. the room where i had my psychological test

Lumpina Room. kinda lounge room.

Work Station. tadaaa!!this is gonna be my room soon!!

Well, if you are dying to know name of the company which i never mentioned above, it is:


Notes:all pics stamped are officially grabbed from http://www.nutrifood.co.id/


  1. tadaaaaaaaa,,, congratulationssss :))))

  2. wuahahahaha.. congrats ci! I got my freelance on Weber Shandwick also on Sept 24 -my bday!!

  3. @cebi: arigatou gozaimasu!!!! eh bol lu kalo liat blog di kantor dimana dah?mobile phone?or PC?

    @septa: waaaaaaaa congratz for you too darla!!Maaf, Weber Shandwick itu perusahaan apa?terus posisi lu apa?

  4. eheheh selamaaaattt :)
    cio,,, ikut menjawab pertanyaan yang kau tanya ke wuri,, kita di kantor onlen pake PC ko,, cume tetep pake proxy jadi situs jejaring, dan email apapun ga bisa di akses,,

  5. beibi beibi beibi oouuhhh....
    53l4m4t iaaaaa!!!!

    im so happy to u...



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