i don't really like it, but....

Since i've been forced by my boyfie to post this.
So i am posting it now.

First time purchase stuff in "The Little Things She Needs" Shop at Citos last monday.

I felt a lil bit frustrated afterwards, but i think it's not too bad.

Me have 3 rules in purchase shoes:
1. no need to hurt my feet
2. it has to be fashionable (in my line, we got a very tight different meaning of fashionable)
3. it has to be cheap or, VERY CHEAP.

that's why i kinda bit feeling sorry for purchase it (on my own!).
But it's not gonna be wasted.
Since i'll wear it pretty well and pretty good.

249 K

Tell me what you're thinking?
Is it the little thing i need?

You can visit the official site : www.thelittlethingssheneeds.com


  1. honestly, no. As i saw the pic, it's not worth your 249k. But I dont know if my opinion will remain the same as I see the real shoes

  2. i'm with you sepp.but it already happened and all i can do is just wear it!!!
    maybe 249k is not worth if you see the design, but it become so worth as it doesn't hurt my feet.

  3. sapa bilang ini jelek!!!
    ini bagus tau..
    im so liking this shoe...

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