The A Team: good, but...

Hearing from many information that Karate Kid has always been compared by The A Team, me and my cekung decided to watch it for substance comprehensiveness to analyze what makes one greater from another.

Here is some pics i grabbed from google about The A Team, in case you don't know.

Then here is some pics of Karate Kids in case you forget.

Well firstly, it's truly unfair to compare both of these movies.
Each obviously got different "genre", Karate Kid is kinda movie was made by less budget than The A Team.
There's no blown car then burnt, no helicopter which practically shaky and hit the ground, no bombs, no guns, no tanks, or something like that.
This movie more like daily human lives. In the sense of "daily" indeed.
If there's any property that broke and crumbled, trust me it happens in our daily life right?
But not when big iron box tumbled down and hit the car, is it happen pretty often in your daily lives? If I hear any yes, your life is really dramatic for sure.

Secondly, in my line, Karate Kid has more quotes to shared. In other word, it gives you inspirations about not to get surrender easily. I you feel fear, the only way to stop it is face it.
This movie gives you a moment to think, to muse. The A Team, remind us about the meaning of being part of the team. The solidarity of brotherhood.

Thirdly, these movies offer both action and comedy.

Lastly, Karate Kid is quite different from any action movies you've seen.
But The A Team got more similarity from any action movies you've known.
I guarantee there's so many movies which offer the beauty of skill to face the enemies, the impressive ideas to defeat enemies, the fabulous scenes, the great arms.

I vote for Karate Kid, how about you?
Anyway, it's yours to decide.


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