Mami & Ayah

The story would never be the same unless you feel it by yourself. Well, someone who gave me birth is mom (who else???) as known as MAMI. And the one who did it (had a “gun” with a “great bullet” and hit the “cockshot” well done) is dad, as known as AYAH. Have been raised in a pretty stodgy family has its own ad and disadvantage.

One day,mom asked me, "Dek, bro itu apa sih?"

I suddenly answered "itu tuh kata sapaan, kayak guys gitu." (continued watching Opera Van Java)

She asked (again), "Kalo guys itu apaan dek?"

I suddenly stopped watching and said, "oke, bro itu kayak cuy. misalnya cuy, mo kemane lu??" (see, i got that skill!the interpersonal communication one. we have to be in the same level to minimize all the possibilities that miss-understanding can be happened)

She noded. i continued my life in peace.

(days gone by,

unintentionally, i found out that mom and dad had a short chat in text messages.

Mom texted, "Bro, jangan lupa bawain baju ya yang digantungan". (sighing)

Dad replied, "Oke bro, mau dibawain apa lagi?". (i dont think i cant continued happy)


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