Stany “Tenong” Arrasuli

She is a very good friend of mine.
Indeed we do not share times that much.
But she is very and she is good.
I am down in a circle.
I am down in a cycle.
But she is there. Amazingly there.

“Hidup memang penuh dengan kesulitan, namun hidup memiliki banyak
kebahagiaan untuk menutupi kesulitan kesulitan itu kalau kita
mengerti makna hidup kita”
Stany Arrasuli, dedicated for me, May 11th 2010

My life would not be the same without a friend like her.
I told you, I’ve been making so many friends.
None of them is becoming truly mine.
And I am not going to compare one to another.
They are special in their own way.
I could mention some of the name.
But name I mentioned above, is one of a special.

She doesn’t buy things for me.
She doesn’t give me much money.
She doesn’t try to change me.
She doesn’t send me any food.
Or anything.

She does support me.
She does pray for me.
She does motivate me.
She does care about my mom’s health.
She texted me just to say she missed me.
She texted me just to ask about mom.
She texted me just to hear my jokes.

I remember one of my friend’s status.
“Do not compete with others to be someone’s bestfriend.
Compete yourself to be a better friend”.

I am no her bestfriend.
But if I can make her laughs.
And I can make her learns.
I think I am enough to be a better friend.
She is not my best either.
But I think she is enough to be a better friend to me.
And I am so gratefully for this.

We may down. We may sad. We may cry.
But they may there. Ready to catch you in case you fall down.
Keep in touch.
You may not know who’s God sent to you.

I am heartedly touched by this relationship.
By all the goodness in her.
I learn a lot.
I learn a lot to be a better person.
Thank God, you sent the right person at the right time.

P.S : to cekung, please not to be jealous, you are special. ^.^


  1. sudah sudah,, sudah di follow,, ehehehe :)
    kalian lucu sekali berdua,,
    miripp,, heheh
    salam buat stany yaahh :)


  2. oia,, aq pasang link mu di blog ku,, link back yah :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hehehe...oka sinta.
    your love will be sent right away.
    oia, please, kami gak mirip.
    dia lebih mirip ke vokalis ceweknya kangen band dan gw lebih mirip cikita meidi.



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