no helping hands

This maybe the saddest song ever
A man says that when you were torn
Did you miss your home?Did you miss them?
I used to reply it with a big yes.

But now I have nowhere to go
Sometime I find out my closest friend helping no hands
And my boy helps no hand either
So here I am, standing in the crowd
With this tears on my face.

I ever once in a big trouble
I call the number I know the most
It's his. I begin to talk, I start to cry
It gives me a big place to scream.

I ever once in a deep sad feeling
I go to somewhere I visit the most
It's home. I might not talked.I might not cried
But once more, it gives me a warm place to sleep.

But in my whole fucking life
I ever once in a big deep sad feeling
and nowhere to go
and no one to talk
So I write this shit
Maybe someday I can bulid my whole life
with something I love, something that i would never be.


  1. ini perasaan tempo lalu2 kan?

    skrng kamu udh ga boleh ngerasa gt lagi.
    elek lu!

  2. aku anak elek kamu anak bawu...bawu elek!eh salah bawu kelek!! *apaaan siih ciiin

  3. hahaha...bawu elek!!
    mo jd sule ya??



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