Missing Car

We are now currently looking for a missing car.

We are now missing it so much.

It might have been stolen.

It might have been gone.

We are wondering where it is and who's driving it.

We are wondering if it is treated well.

We need no another "RFN".

We are dying to have it back.

Even it wasn't mine.

or even my family's.

But i do care. i do sad.

It'd been brought us to many places.

It'd been brought us so we can see so many things out there.

It'd been brought us to a restaurant that night.

So i could get to know them better.

What a blessed family.

And that's all i say in my prayer.


  1. avanza teo? haa?? seriusan loh. gimana ceritanya?

  2. iya wur..raib subuh2 pas ortu gw smua lg pada dinas di luar pulau jawa..

    skrng msh ga tau keberadaan na..
    mbung makasih ya da di post-in..
    mudah2an bisa ketemu lg RFN na..

  3. iya bol.ilang.

    shintaaa,iya mobil nya pacarku ilang.

    cekung, semoga nanti penggantinya camry ya...*amieeen

  4. amiiinn!!!
    biar bisa aku body2in tuh yg tengil di jalan..

  5. ahahah kalian rame,, di aminin juga deh buat camry nya,, kekeke

    sabar ya pacar cio,,

    follow me back yah :)




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