George Carlin said something i can hardly forget...

Here is something that he said.
i've reworked it into a pict so i can use it as my wallpaper.
so if you can see couple of seahorses there, they are given from cekung a.k.a yuwono sulistyo a long time ago.

i put them beautifully in there so i can remember who my motivator is.
he told me he got them from Sibuya, some place in Japan.
once they got separated, we are now trying so hard not to put them in a different place like it ever used to be.

enough for the seahorses, you gotta look, you gotta read, you gotta put them in your mind me,you're gonna love this.


  1. poto na cengki abis mbung!!!
    thanks for the quote which made me motivated.



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