Well I don’t take this blog too seriously.
Now I do.
Here I go with a story of childhood.
Not mine, but their.

I was just spending my evening at home.
Watching local TV station.
Till’ I found something good to see.
Shortly, there are few children that have been suffering from illness.
They are just too young to take those heavy things in their life.

They are not like us.
They do know nothing about having some group of friends, so they can share, they can laugh.
They do know nothing about having a lover, so they can kiss, and they can go to the movie.
They haven’t heard words as much as we heard.

They just feel like, they are different from others.
And not much spend times thinking whose fault that is.
They are who only been blessed for having a very big smile.
What they show, coming from the inside.
What they show, is what they feel inside.

Here is the part that makes me tear myself down.
When they’ve been asked what their dreams are.
What do they want to be when they get older.

Child 1 : “aku mau jadi guru hari minggu”
Child 2 : “aku mau jadi pilot helicopter, biar bisa terbang”
Child 3 : “aku mau jadi polisi lalu lintas, supaya tidak ada macet lagi”
Child 4 : “aku mau jadi pengusaha buku pelajaran, untuk membantu anak anak yang tidak mampu”
Child 5 : “aku mau jadi dokter, supaya bisa nolong orang”
Child 6 : “aku mau jadi seperti ibu, membantu orang yang melahirkan”
Child 7 : “aku mau jadi perawat, jadi bisa merawat ibu atau bapak kalau nanti sakit”

It’s amazing to hear they used some positive words in their sentences. It’s amazing to know that we can learn from them. How come we don’t bring ourselves back to a moment when we were kids? When we said loudly in front of the class that I am going to be like my father, or I am going to be a president someday, or maybe I am going to be just like my mom.


  1. no honey..
    u are goin to u!
    yes u are u.

    u are everything u wanna be.
    yeah u can be anything u wanna be.

  2. amien.terima kasih ya cekuung... ^.^

  3. pacar yang baikk ya cio,, dia selalu support kamu,,heheh

    *sambil terharu berkaca kaca,, :P

  4. @shinta: pastinya! *sambil senggol-senggolan ma cekung



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